Ductwork Accessories

Ductwork Accessories

The CEVaC range of Ductwork Accessories represents a mixture of established and new items, including parts similar to those of heritage suppliers such as Climatech, Dynair, DuroDyne, Elgen, Zest and others.  These are in addition to the latest products available from the very best of current European, American and UK manufacturers.  Our products enable our customers to source all they need to make or instal ductwork.

All sizes of Damper Controls, Quadrants, Levers and Kits are available.  Materials include Mild Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel and we have versions with “leakproof” mechanisms.  The Rapido  range is a group of inexpensive kits for Single Blade Dampers, all of which are simple to assemble.

Other products include Damper Linkages, Rod Connectors, Crank Arms, Control Swivels, Links and Spindles which can be used to build your own opposed or parallel blade Dampers.  We have Test Hole Covers, Instrument Test Ports, Access Doors, Flexible Duct Connectors and various parts for supporting and hanging ductwork.

There are Channel Nuts and Wedge Nuts, Flange Clamps (G Clamps) and Beam Clamps, Perforated Hanging Band, Tapes & Sealants to assist in the installation and assembly of your Ductwork.  We are always happy to source any items that are not already in our programme.

Need Some Help?
At CEVaC we pride ourselves on providing advice and technical support to ensure that you get the right product for the job. For help please call one of our team on 01403 786503 or complete the form.