Insulation Fixings

CEVaC  has a growing range of Fixings, Fasteners, accessories and ancillaries for the installation of Insulation, Acoustic Materials, Dry Lining, Cladding and Fire Protection Materials.  Uses are many and varied in Buildings, Industrial Plant, Refineries, Storage Tanks, Power Stations, Marine and Offshore Rigs.

We supply a comprehensive range of Self Adhesive (Stickpins) and Perforated Base Hangers in Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel.  Welding Guns and suitable Weld Pins in Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel versions.  Some Weld Pins have insulated washers or pins to cater for foil faced insulation.

CEVaC also has a range of fixings for Insulation Mattresses, Quilts, Blankets and Covers.  We supply Lacing Anchors, Quilting Pins, Lacing Tops, Lacing Washers, Blanket Hooks, Dome Caps, Hooks & Discs, Grommets, Turnbuckles, “D” Rings, Buckles, Speedfix and Encapsulated Washers, Press Studs, Drain Plugs, Pigtails, Hooks & Loops, Wire Mesh, Lacing Wire and Thread.  Our range is completed by Banding, Clamps, Wing Seals, Toggle Latches, Breather Springs, Compression Springs and various strapping products.

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