Disc (Lacing), Concave for use with 33D hook – Steel, Zinc Plate: CEVaC IF5700


Other options available:

Disc (Lacing) Yellow (Brass), Concave: for use with 33D hook: CEVaC IF5701

Disc (Lacing), Concave – Eliptical – Stainless Steel: CEVaC IF5702

Disc (Lacing), Concave – Stainless Steel, 304 Gauge Adhesive: CEVaC IF5703

Disc (Lacing), Concave – Stainless Steel, 316 Gauge Adhesive: CEVaC IF5704

Hook Lacing 33D, Steel Zinc: CEVaC IF5710

Hook Lacing 33D, Yellow (Brass): CEVaC IF5711

Hook Lacing Stainless Steel: CEVaC IF5712

Hook Lacing Stainless Steel 316 Gauge Adhesive: CEVaC IF5713

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