No ZX290-1 Toggle Latch & Hook


Other options available:

Toggle Latch, Dzus ZX 290-12,  Mild Steel, Bright Zinc Plate: CEVaC TL2120

Toggle Latch, Mild Steel Bright Zinc Plate, with curved D Ring, 75 x 22 x 13mm: CEVaC TL2121

Toggle & Hook, TL803B & TL800-9: CEVaC TL2125

Toggle Latch, Dzus ZX290-1  Stainless Steel: CEVaC TL2130

Toggle and Hook No.16 Mild Steel, Bright Zinc Plate Rivethole 4.1mm + locking spring: CEVaC TL2133

Toggle and Hook No. 16 Mild Steel, Bright Zinc Plate Small Rivethole 3.5mm: CEVaC TL2135

Toggle and Hook No. 0/40 Mild Steel, Brght Zinc Plate Small – Rivethole 3.4mm: CEVaC TL2136

Toggle & Hook F1 Type, Stainless Steel: CEVaC TL2140

Toggle & Hook F5 Type Narrow (3.5mm Rivethole) Stainless Steel: CEVaC TL2143

Toggle & Hook, F1 type, Mild Steel: CEVaC TL2145

Toggle & Hook Narrow 802 (4.2mm Rivethole) Mild Steel Bright Zinc Plate: CEVaC TL2147

Toggle & Hook F5 Type Narrow(3.5mm Rivethole) Mild Steel Bright Zinc Plate: CEVaC TL2148

Toggle Large 0540 Stainless Steel complete with Large Hook No. 0028 Stainless Steel: CEVaC TL2150

All Toggles & Hooks available separately

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