Washer (Lock) for Insulation Hangers, 30mm diameter, steel, galvanised CL 2-30: CEVaC IF5058

Other options available:

Washer (Speedfix) 38mm diameter Stainless Steel 304 f 3mm diameter pin (Box 1000): CEVaC IF5052

Washers (Speedfix) 1.5 inch OD x 5mm diameter pin hole Stainless Steel: CEVaC IF5053

Washer (Lock) Insulation Hangers, 30mm diameter square, steel CL-24-32: CEVaC IF5054

Washer (Speedfix) 38mm diameter Mild Steel Galvanised f 3mm diameter pin (Boxed 2,500): CEVaC IF5055

Washer(Self lock) Speedfix 38mm diameter Mild Steel Galvanised: use with 5mm diameter pin: CEVaC IF5056

Washer for Self Adhesive or Perforated Base Hanger, Steel Galvanised 2.7mm diameter CL 2-40: CEVaC IF5057

Washer (Lock) for Insulation Hangers, 30mm diameter, Steel Galvanised CL 2-30: CEVaC IF5058

Washer (Self locking) Stainless Steel CL 2-30-SS-B: CEVaC IF5059

Washers (Lock), for 2.2mm diameter Weld Pins, Steel Galvanised CL 1-40/B: CEVaC IF5060

Washers (Lock) for 2.0mm diameter, Weld Pins, Steel Galvanised CL 0-40/B: CEVaC IF5061

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