Hand Tools

Hand Tools

CEVaC offer a comprehensive range of  tools ideal for sheetmetal, ducting, roofing, cladding and insulation work. General and specialist tools include Snips, Knives, Cutters, Hole Cutters, Notchers, Crimpers, Punches, Seamers and Shears, both manual and in the Turbo Shear a heavy duty version driven by Electric Drill. 

CEVaC have the CDW Welding Machine which is suitable for welding all sorts of Weld Pins either in your workshop or on site.

Our Industrial Staplers and Hog Ring Pliers with staples, pins and rings in steel, stainless and plastic materials which are extensively used with Insulation. 

The Carry Mate, Panel Grips and Rip Grip tools are ideal for handling metal sheets and all types of insulation boards.


Need Some Help?
At CEVaC we pride ourselves on providing advice and technical support to ensure that you get the right product for the job. For help please call one of our team on 01403 786503 or complete the form.