Tape - Gasket (Black Polyethylene) 6mm x 20mm x15M: CEVaC DA6445

Other options available:

Tape (Butyl) 3mm x 19mm x 15M: CEVaC DA6446

Tape (Polyethylene Butyl) PBT95-50-15: 50mm x15M: CEVaC DA6447

Tape (Aluminium Butyl) ABT50-15: 50mm x15M: CEVaC DA6448

Tape (Polyethylene) 6mm x 19mm x 15M length: CEVaC DA6450

Tape (Polyethylene) 6mm x 24mm x 15M length: CEVaC DA6451

Tape:Gasket (Black Polyethylene) 6mm x 15mm x 15M 1 Sided,Hot Melt Adhesive: CEVaC DA6452

Tape:Gask (Black Polyethylene) 6mm x 15mm x 15M Bonded Film1 Sided,Hot Melt Adhesive: CEVaC DA6453

Tape, Rubber Resin (Toffee), 1mm thick x 24mm wide x 20M: CEVaC DA6460

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