No. 83 Brixon Latch

Other options available:

No 83PCS Body & Strike only Cast Steel Standard finish & internals: CEVaC BL1200

No 83PASCS Body & Adjustable Strike Cast Steel Standard finish: CEVaC BL1201

No 83HTSCS-C Complete LatchTall Strike, Cast Steel Chrome Plate Left hand: CEVaC BL1202

No 83HTSCS-C Complete Latch Tall Strike Cast Steel Chrome Plate Right hand: CEVaC BL1203 

No 83HTSCS Complete Latch Tall Strike Cast Steel, Standard finish: CEVaC BL12031

No 83BOCS Body only Cast Steel Standard finish: CEVaC BL1204

No 83H (Left Hand) CS Complete Latch, Cast Steel, Left Hand: CEVaC BL1205

No 83H (Left Hand) ASCS Complete Latch, Cast Steel, Left Hand, Adjustable Strike: CEVaC BL12051

No 83BHCS Body and Handle only, Cast Steel, Standard finish & internals: CEVaC BL1206

No 843STSC Strike only Cast Steel: CEVaC BL1207

No 83HCS Complete Latch Cast Steel: CEVaC BL1208

No 83H4CS Complete Latch, Cast Steel Stainless Steel Internals., Standard finish: CEVaC BL1209

Other sizes are available.

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